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Duncan Mills Policies and FAQs

Parking Policy

The purpose of the parking policy is to establish an orderly fair and efficient system of parking for co-op members and guests. 


The Maintenance Committee is responsible for overseeing the adminstration of the policy, to deal with member requests made under the policy and to recommend revisions as necessary. 


The Co-ordinator is designated by the Board of Directors to administer the parking policy. 


Please click link for further details to our parking policy. 

Recycling Room 

The Recycling Room is open each day from 7am to 10pm. 


Please do not leave any items on the floor or outside the recycling room. Thanks in advance 

Laundry Room 

The Laundry Room is open each day from 8am to 2am 

Fitness Centre 

The Fitness Centre is open from 7am to 9:30pm. Please click for further details 

Adult Lounge Rules 
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